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Sue Watches Buffy #49 Part I (Doublemeat Palace, Dead Things, and Older and Far Away)

Buffy_The_Vampire_Slayer_[Dead_Things]_(2002)_3I just had to split this one up. Part one includes: a double Cat’s Crypt (With Catherine joining us for half of it), All your feedback and the inevitable discussions it invokes, and a Sue story. All with special guest Elizabeth Smith AKA Beth, who was gracious to join us on the eve of the eve of a work trip taking her out of the country. We had a good discussion, so glad she took the time out of her busy schedule to help us with this difficult stretch of episodes.

No worries- I won’t make you wait a week for part II. I expect to have it out tomorrow night.

Sue Watches Angel #48 (Dad, Birthday, and Provider)

latestThis week Em and Sue discuss a few episodes of Angel. We may have conflicting Likes and Dislikes, but we both agree that Angel and Cordy are pretty darn cute. We also agree that Cordy’s character is becoming quite elevated and *whispering* I don’t mean the demon wings she is about to sprout.

We have a special live interview style Cat’s Crypt this week and we manage to draw out a surprising fact from our sister…

WWBW at the end!

Sue Watches Buffy #47 S6: Smashed, Wrecked, and Gone

IMG_4090In these episodes of Buffy, the inevitable finally happens…Willow drinks too much magic and wrecks a car.

Some other stuff happens too like Buffy becomes blinvisible, Dawn drinks a giant shake, Spike loses his best favorite Zippo, Boba Fett nearly loses his head, and Buffy gets a haircut. Oh yeah– and Buffy and Spike Johnny Depp some old house.

Join us as Em and Sue discuss! We have an extra large What We’ve Been Watching even though Em and Sue really didn’t watch much… but you guys did! It was so long I tacked it on the end so as not to annoy the listeners who don’t give a bip about the Buffyless shows. So find that after the music.

New Cat’s Crypt too!

Sue Watches Angel #46 S3: eps Offspring, Quickening, and Lullaby

ANGEL (Season 3) Lullaby (Ep#9 3ADH09) Roll 24, Frame 34 Pictured (left to right): Amy Acker as Fred, Julie Benz as Darla, David Boreanaz as Angel Photo Credit: © The WB / Ron Batzdorff

ANGEL (Season 3)
Lullaby (Ep#9 3ADH09)
Roll 24, Frame 34
Pictured (left to right): Amy Acker as Fred, Julie Benz as Darla, David Boreanaz as Angel
Photo Credit: © The WB / Ron Batzdorff

This week we were joined by special (B & B) guest and listener Matt Asendorf and he helped us laugh our way through discussing this pivotal run of episodes of Angel.

We start with the Cat’s Crypt you were supposed to hear last week (don’t worry about what happened- just go “shhh”), we read some feedback, and then go into our discussion. Was the vampire baby nearly as scary as Sue worried it would be? Did the show FINALLY make Darla likable to her only to take her away? Maybe. Also- you’re welcome fall tv watchers for our wonderful idea on the newest sitcom- just send the royalties onto us. Oh wait- we are 30 years too late. Dang. By the way- the last um, half hour or so is tangents so…. just know that. Peace.

Sue Watches Angel #43 S3: eps Carpe Noctum – Billy

s3_billy_wb10In this episode we watch a fairly misogynistic run of Angel episodes. Or are they? They empower the women from time to time sure… Alright, we’ll give you misogynistic, but homophobic? We think not.

All this didn’t stop us from enjoying discussing them or watching them, really. Not the best run, but not quite the worst.

Come on! This is a world where Expecting, She, and I fall to Pieces exists.

These are miles better then those.


We start the ep with a little Cat’s Crypt, WWBW, Angel discussion, and end it with Sue’s latest camping exploits. Peace.

Sue Watches Angel #42; S3: Eps Heartthrob – That Old Gang of Mine

3.2So– Angel is back! Our Angel hiatus is over, now we will be taking a little Buffy Hiatus for better or worse. Let us say for better! This week we opened season 3 with Heartthrob, That Vision Thing, and That Old Gang of Mine. Ok… better is coming. I swear.  Oh- and look for the new segment “Cat’s Crypt” (another Wright sister whom you may know as La Gata has dipped her toe in the dark side).

Sue Watches Tabula Rasa #41

144128_1227379524158_fullThis is really the second episode of a two-parter in which Sue watched Once More With Feeling and Tabula Rasa. It took the length of two podcasts to discuss them though- so here is part two.

In this episode, we talk about the shenanigans had when Will casts a spell gone wrong and we watch as Joan, Anya, Rupey, Alex, Willow, Tara, Desperate-For-a-Shag Giles, and Umad try to figure out who the bip they are and what the bip is going on. It’s all good fun until it really isn’t.

We are joined again by Guest Carol, who graciously stayed up well past her bedtime, but Newbie guest B had to bow out and hit the hay. But no one fear- I watched it with her. There was plenty of squeals of laughter and delight and (cartoony heart eyes at the end). Sue just might have thought it was pretty good too.

Sue Watches Buffy #40 “Once More With Feeling”

buffy-musical-episodeIf you can’t tell from the commentary that came out a few days ago- we watched Once More With Feeling. THEN the three of us (Newbie Bronwyn featured in the commentary) PLUS special guest Carol recorded a podcast about it. We had a blast talking about this landmark episode and getting more thoughts out of Sue and B about how it is all going down. And where DO (they think) we go from here? (Now I can write that and the newbies get it. Yay!)

Join us! I had to cut out the Tabula Rasa stuff because it was all just too long. The fortuitous thing is– Sue and I are going to be at a retreat of sorts next week, so we don’t have to worry about putting a podcast out. Except I will. I will have to edit it, but that I can do.

Em, B, and Sue Watch Once More With Feeling

buffy-musical-giles-anya-tara-willow-xanderWell, for better or worse, we have recorded a commentary track.  Basically, Em and Sue spent the weekend in Wyoming together and we set aside some time to be able to watch this landmark of television history together as B and Sue experience it for the first time.  We couldn’t resist having a digital recorder going in the room while it happened, just to record the event.  Therefore, the audio from the episode is very prominent, so what that means to our podcast listeners is that you either have to mute your tv as you watch so you can watch along- or you can simply listen to it like a regular podcast.

I mean- who by now needs to even watch it at this point?  We’ve seen it enough, our minds can fill in the visuals.  Enjoy.  There isn’t a ton of talking- but there is plenty of (raucous?) laughter.

ps sorry about all the kids- we had a house full of them.  They were upstairs with the rest of the fam- but they still managed to make their presence “felt”.

Sue Watches Buffy #39, S6: eps Flooded – All the Way

kittenpoker5In this installment of the podcast, Em and Sue discuss Flooded, Life Serial, and All the Way. Somehow we find ourselves also discussing James Bond, Joyce’s life insurance policy, worms and eggs and 10,000 years in Buddhism. You know- just another day while Sue Watches Buffy. (You have to stay until after the song to hear about the worms and the eggs, one of those “Sue stories” about her weekend shenanigans.)

We really did talk a lot about these Buffy episodes too– and we did our best to not speak too bitterly about Willow’s actions these days (fail) and tried not to beat the “household money problems dead horse” too much.

P.S. Sue’s “Once More With Feeling wish list” is a must listen!