Sue Watches Buffy #39, S6: eps Flooded – All the Way

kittenpoker5In this installment of the podcast, Em and Sue discuss Flooded, Life Serial, and All the Way. Somehow we find ourselves also discussing James Bond, Joyce’s life insurance policy, worms and eggs and 10,000 years in Buddhism. You know- just another day while Sue Watches Buffy. (You have to stay until after the song to hear about the worms and the eggs, one of those “Sue stories” about her weekend shenanigans.)

We really did talk a lot about these Buffy episodes too– and we did our best to not speak too bitterly about Willow’s actions these days (fail) and tried not to beat the “household money problems dead horse” too much.

P.S. Sue’s “Once More With Feeling wish list” is a must listen!

5 thoughts to “Sue Watches Buffy #39, S6: eps Flooded – All the Way”

      1. I don’t use iTunes to download podcasts and will never do so. I just found it a bit funny that you had a disclaimer saying you won’t be doing Buffy on this feed anymore but didn’t mention what the new one would be.

        Now gonna listen to what you thought of Once More With Feeling. Can’t freakin’ wait! 😛

        1. I’m totally ignorant on how to listen to a podcast outside of itunes or the blogs (like this one). But we are trying to figure out how to get our podcasts onto Stitcher I think it is…

          I didn’t mention the feed on the blog because I thought I had mentioned it for the last few right on the podcast, so my written one was just a quick reminder. My bad. I never claimed to be too savvy on this whole podcasting stuff :/

          Hope you liked our OMWF discussion!


  1. I just download them by clicking the mp3 links on blogs or RSS feeds. And yes, I loved your OMWF discussion. Onto Tabula Rasa. 🙂

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