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Sue Watches Buffy #38 S6: Eps- Bargaining – After Life (+ WWBW)


We’ve made it to season 6 guys! In this episode of the podcast, Sue watched both parts of Bargaining and After Life, and had some surprising reactions (to me anyway -her sister-). Em and Sue spend some time talking about the state of the Scoobies and what’s up with Spike. We also both have a lot of feelings about everything Dawn has been through. There is also the subject of Buffy and her after life shenanigans. Tune in to hear our thoughts! Also you should write in so we can hear YOUR thoughts.

Before all this though, we discuss a few other things we’ve been watching. Sue checked out some new programming and Em mostly watched some old programming in a fevered haze. Good times!

Sue Watches Buffy (and Angel!) #37 Buffy S5 and Angel S2 Wrap Ups

tumblr_m0huw4B5F21rn7xj8o1_400In this episode Em and Sue and special guest “B” (our newbie watching sis in law Bronwyn) go over Buffy season 5 in depth, taking a look back at it as a whole.  We get some wish list items and predictions from both of them, now that they’ve seen Bargaining and After Life (you know- so the big question is now answered– now what? Or “where do we go from here?  You might ask…).  Then, I’m sorry to say- in the last few minutes we talk Angel.  “In depth” would be generous, but I’d say we at least go over the finer points.  What do you want from us?  It was getting late.

Sue Watches Angel #35 (End of S2: “The Pylea Arc”) and What We’ve Been Watching

numfar06In tonight’s episode- first Em and Sue discuss what they’ve been watching including finally talking about The Fall and True Detective. Then we move on to Angel and discuss Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Through the Looking Glass, and No Place Like Plrtz Glrb, wrapping up Angel Season 2!

Sue Watches Buffy #35 S5: Eps Weight of the World and The Gift

ea_b_thegiftIn this podcast, Em and Sue wrap up our first of three season enders with the last two episodes of Buffy season 5. We are off to a great start, as this was a great conclusion to what was a very enjoyable season of Buffy.

Em and Sue chat about Sue’s thoughts on how they wrapped it up and Sue reveals whether or not the ending surprised her. Then she throws out many suggestions on where they might go from here, and it’s all a great big fun. Join us!

Sue Watches Buffy #34 “Spiral” and WWBW

spike-driving-the-rvOk, this episode possibly has the most succinct What We’ve Been Watching and we were no slouches when it came to discussing Spiral either. Perhaps we are a bit focused on Bates Motel’s final episodes, or perhaps we were busy. But I think I might blame Emily’s hungry stomach…

Whatever. Listen as Em works her magic on convincing Sue that this was a good episode.

Sue Watches Angel #32 “Belonging” and What We’ve Been Watching

0161a0b64b19879bc66382be6eeae804faf2647de8This week, Em and Sue discuss a few things we’ve been watching, and then move on to the Angel Episode Belonging. This ep marks the first episode of the end of season arc (read: a set up episode). But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some fun to be had, especially if you’ve wondered a little about The Host’s back story. Including his name. LORNE! HIS NAME’S LORNE! Thanks- I’ve been wanting to let that out for a while now…

Sue Watches Angel #32: “Dead End” (and WWBW)

angel_2x18We start out this episode with What We’ve Been Watching, mostly finishing up discussions we had last time- getting into The Jinx and Horns a little more, now that we’ve both seen them (we each watched and discussed one or two other things). Then we discuss the Lindsay-sentric Angel episode “Dead End” Hold on… Lindsay- centric??!!


Well, the important thing is, it’s done. And it really wasn’t that bad.

Sue Watches Buffy #31 Tough Love

519_ToughLoveIn this episode, Em and Sue discuss the things we’ve been watching other then Bates. Among a few other things: Em watched most of The Fall and Horns, and Sue watched The Jinx. Then we move on to Buffy. Tough Love proved to include Sue in that, and that’s all I’ll say on the subject.

Join us!

Sue Watches Buffy (and Angel!) AND What We’ve Been Watching #30: Intervention and Disharmony

015dc80d93bb50e71a123cb545a2df10f60d38c590In this episode, Em and Sue discuss what we’ve been watching first, then move on to Buffy, then move on to Angel.

All I’ve got time for at the moment– but these were some really fun episodes to talk about!  You’ll just have to listen.

Sue Watches Angel #29 “Epiphany” and WWBW

01fa37c17beae52869247c44c36ac0ac053c5a8453In this latest installment, Em and Sue watched some movies and TV shows such as: Gone Girl, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Side Effects, Only Lovers Left Alive, and more. Then we discuss the season 2 episode of Angel “Epiphany”. Luckily, Sue had a bit more fun watching this episode, even if it was pretty much due to redneck Lindsey.