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Sue Watches Angel #58; S4: Deep Down, Ground State, and The House Always Wins

01c422b46e07fd14588eda780c860ac921702e616eIn this episode, Em and Sue discuss the opening few episodes of Angel Season 4. Things were left pretty scattered with the close of the last season and we discuss where everyone is now and what they are doing. There is one character’s whose whereabouts are causing Sue the most distress though. Any guesses?

Also- Cat’s Crypt.

Also- Sue outs herself as possibly the only standing podcaster out there.


Sue Watches Buffy #57; S7: Lessons, Beneath You, and Same Time, Same Place

692739_1303139801454_fullEm and Sue start the last season! Sue has watched the very last season opener she will ever watch (for the first time). *sniff*

What did she think about the opening of the season? What did she think about how the show put some stuff and people together again after having them fall apart last season? I don’t know…but you will after you’ve listened.

In this episode besides us talking about these three episodes, you get treated to some Cat’s Crypt and some feedback. As well as a little bit of Psycho talk at the end. Sorry– Psycho IV is just still so fresh and we are affiliated with Yes Mother in a certain way. Anyway– enjoy! See you next week as we open up Season 4 of Angel!

Sue Watches Angel #56 End of Season 3: A New World, Benediction, and Tomorrow

016857bfaf1f1e85c0d49a905606d6961fd985e8ddHere we are at the end of season 3 and phew!  So much happened this season.  Don’t want to get too spoilery here, so lets just say a lot happened.  And much happened in that last episode.  And Sue is on board!

Join us as we explore Sue’s thoughts on these episodes and the season and her ever entertaining predictions.  Yeah- she’s pretty much got it figured out.

Sue Watches Angel #55 (Double or Nothing and The Price) and WWBW

The_Price_MainI doubt I’m going to get much argument out of any of you by saying that these two episodes are fairly uninspired.  You could probably attribute that to their placement though.  All I know is, all my two newbies could ask is: What about Wesley??  What about baby Connor??  They didn’t care about Gunn’s soul.  They didn’t care about dark magic prices.  So we basically discussed them fairly quick and discussed some other what we’ve been watchings.  Now we are ready to move on and finish up the season!

(And see what the bip is going on with this very Peter Pan-ish Pete Campbell.)

Sorry the audio sucks.  Better next week- Em got a new battery.  Suck it Mose!

*going to go churn some butter now to make amends*

Sue Watches Buffy #54 (Villans, Two to Go, Grave)

01806eac5e58e0931332c6a5c4d52f81aaa231cc60And with that, we’ve finished up season 6! In this week’s episode, Em and Sue discuss the end of the season, find out Sue’s biggest surprises, read your feedback, discuss season 6 in general and look ahead to season 7! Plus Sue gets to finally find out who or what the big bad is, and what the bip is up with Spike. Is there redemption ahead for him? Good times.

Full speed ahead with the final season!…well, after we finish up Angel. Join us!

Sue Watches Buffy #53; S6: Entropy and Seeing Red

photoWhat’s worse then having to discuss these controversial episodes and moments in a podcast when you’re a Spuffy shipper/Mama Bear? Having to do it twice. This is take two, as our first recording (and it’s backup) crapped out. How do you make it better? Add your sister in law newbie B! Bronwyn is back, joining us for the first time since Once More With Feeling.
In this episode we get a Cat’s Crypt in, read and discuss your feedback, and then try and talk about these episodes (again) with a fresh and critical eye. We hope you enjoy.

Sue Watches Angel #52 (Loyalty, Sleep Tight, Forgiving)

3x16ST1603In these episodes of Angel, the series takes a “slightly” dark turn and leaves us asking- where do we go from here?  Well- let me quantify that: it leaves SUE asking these questions!

First though we have a Cat’s crypt, read some feedback, and discuss the episodes in depth, and we do all that with help from our special guest John Pavlich from Sofa Dogs, Castlecast and Idjitcast.  With John’s help we delve deep into many of the questions that make us say to our brains, “Shhhhhh!…..sleep tight….”.

So basically- we ponder and laugh– you know, the usual.

Here is the link to John’s Go Fund Me page if you wish to drop a few bucks to help support him and his family, cause 2015 sucks!  We all need help to get us through it! #yearofthestrangledcat

Hmm… we really should have made this the Toni Flores Memorial Podcast… cue “Woman”.

Sue Watches Buffy #51: Hell’s Bells and Normal Again

tumblr_mae8x6xf7j1r4dsjko1_500This week Em and Sue watched Hell’s Bells and Normal Again.  Two pretty controversial episodes you might say.  Along with our opinions on these eps, we read your opinions and feedbacks and even get some words for our old friend Bob DeGrande from beyond the grave (RIP Bob).  No Cat’s Crypt this week, but look for one next time…

Sue Watches Angel (and Buffy!) #50 (Waiting in the Wings, Couplet and As You Were)

Angel Waiting in the WingsHere we are on the cusp of the exciting part for both seasons! You know what– rather then trying to think of stuff to say, let me just thank everyone for being patient in me getting this episode out! I had just no time but I assure you, this week’s podcast will be out around the normal time.


Sue Watches Buffy #49 Part II (Doublemeat Palace, Dead Things, and Older and Far Away)

013d14566f2b66a4ab91ce64319cfbc3ee341f8f44As promised- part II. In this half we discuss the episodes and their rankings, and Sue makes some predictions…and expresses some sadness at some turns certain characters have taken. Heck- we all do that. (By “all” I mean Beth (Elizabeth Smith- our guest this week and I).