Yes Mother: WWBW Holiday 2020 pt 2

Here is Sue and Em’s actual discussion about what we’d been watching…. last Christmas…sort of.
Shows discussed: The Flight Attendant, Em’s Korean Drama’s: Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung, While You Were Sleeping, and Tale of the Nine Tailed. AFI watches: On the Waterfront, American Grafitti, and The Best Years of Our Lives. Sue talks about The Great British Baking Show, The Mandalorian, The Vow, and “Sue’s Secret Shame” I’ll leave that one a surprise.

Yes Mother: WWBW-COVID October Edition

It’s an unprecedented time, where many stressful things are culminating and converging….Welcome to Fall 2020! Em and Sue discuss what they are watching to get through and we read your feedback and discuss that. Join us if you want some recommendations that veer towards happier times and/or self care. Maybe after the election is over we can handle something a little darker or stressful (or we will all be forced to join in a civil war) Who knows? Anything goes in 2020.

Incidentally- if you are interested in a deeper dive into Emily’s AFI watches or Asian dramas, you can head to her new blog set up for that purpose with an old friend of hers (it’s called Cov-did you you see this yet?).

Yes Mother: What We’ve Been Watching September

Hey guys! We’re back and getting better at this recording and posting in a timely manner. I’m even going to list what we discussed and where to find it! I know, I’m shocked too.

Em: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Hulu), The Umbrella Academy (Netflix), Goblin or Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Rakuten VIKI), Crash Landing on You (Netflix). Sue: In The Dark (Netflix), Upload (Prime), I’ll Be Gone in the Dark (HBOmax).

Brief discussions prompted by feedback: Lovecraft Country (HBOmax), The Great (Hulu) and probably countless others. Hey! I’m not perfect. But improving.

Yes Mother: What We’ve Been Watching COVID style

Wow– hey guys! Sue and I made an attempt at podcasting again. We talked about how we’ve been keeping ourselves busy these days especially in the world of streaming. I have no idea what I’m doing anymore and it’s been a small miracle that I’ve gotten this podcast to this point. It’s amazing what being away from something for 2 + years can do! Oh and It’s amazing what that time can do to a cheap mic- I had no idea my audio would sound so bad, if I had I would have waited until I’d ordered a new headset (which I literally did in the first 10 minute of editing this podcast, so the next one will sound better- I promise! I moved our 25 minute catch up on what we’ve been doing these past years to the end. Ok- we’ll be back soon. Happy to be back!

Yes Mother: Bates Motel Commentary (No, not that one- the OTHER one)

Now I can’t stress this enough- THIS IS NOT A COMMENTARY OF THE BRILLIANT A&E SHOW BATES MOTEL! It is a commentary of the lesser known, less….uh….good pilot show called Bates Motel made in 1987. It didn’t get picked up, I know– we were all shocked and you will be too after you watch it. Hey! Watch it with us– I can almost guarantee a good time, because Em and Sue spent the evening watching it with Matt A, so you know there were good times and giggling had by all.

We* even made it easy for you: Go to this link:

*By “we” I mean Matt A. who proved himself to be the best podcast guest ever by recording and editing the whole podcast.  And just by being Matt.

Yes Mother: What We’ve Been Watching February

Em and Sue once again talk about what we watched.  (Feedback episode to follow shortly).:

11:15 – The Handmaid’s Tale

28:45 – 11/22/63

38:00 – It

47:50 – The Last Jedi (Spoilers!)

1:07:20 – Retribution

1:12:20 – The Farthest Voyager in Space

Sorry about the music quality at the end- I don’t know why and it’s way too big a pain in the butt to fix.