Em, B, and Sue Watch Once More With Feeling

buffy-musical-giles-anya-tara-willow-xanderWell, for better or worse, we have recorded a commentary track.  Basically, Em and Sue spent the weekend in Wyoming together and we set aside some time to be able to watch this landmark of television history together as B and Sue experience it for the first time.  We couldn’t resist having a digital recorder going in the room while it happened, just to record the event.  Therefore, the audio from the episode is very prominent, so what that means to our podcast listeners is that you either have to mute your tv as you watch so you can watch along- or you can simply listen to it like a regular podcast.

I mean- who by now needs to even watch it at this point?  We’ve seen it enough, our minds can fill in the visuals.  Enjoy.  There isn’t a ton of talking- but there is plenty of (raucous?) laughter.

ps sorry about all the kids- we had a house full of them.  They were upstairs with the rest of the fam- but they still managed to make their presence “felt”.

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