Sue Watches Buffy #40 “Once More With Feeling”

buffy-musical-episodeIf you can’t tell from the commentary that came out a few days ago- we watched Once More With Feeling. THEN the three of us (Newbie Bronwyn featured in the commentary) PLUS special guest Carol recorded a podcast about it. We had a blast talking about this landmark episode and getting more thoughts out of Sue and B about how it is all going down. And where DO (they think) we go from here? (Now I can write that and the newbies get it. Yay!)

Join us! I had to cut out the Tabula Rasa stuff because it was all just too long. The fortuitous thing is– Sue and I are going to be at a retreat of sorts next week, so we don’t have to worry about putting a podcast out. Except I will. I will have to edit it, but that I can do.

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