Sue Watches Buffy #47 S6: Smashed, Wrecked, and Gone

IMG_4090In these episodes of Buffy, the inevitable finally happens…Willow drinks too much magic and wrecks a car.

Some other stuff happens too like Buffy becomes blinvisible, Dawn drinks a giant shake, Spike loses his best favorite Zippo, Boba Fett nearly loses his head, and Buffy gets a haircut. Oh yeah– and Buffy and Spike Johnny Depp some old house.

Join us as Em and Sue discuss! We have an extra large What We’ve Been Watching even though Em and Sue really didn’t watch much… but you guys did! It was so long I tacked it on the end so as not to annoy the listeners who don’t give a bip about the Buffyless shows. So find that after the music.

New Cat’s Crypt too!

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