Sue Watches Angel #55 (Double or Nothing and The Price) and WWBW

The_Price_MainI doubt I’m going to get much argument out of any of you by saying that these two episodes are fairly uninspired.  You could probably attribute that to their placement though.  All I know is, all my two newbies could ask is: What about Wesley??  What about baby Connor??  They didn’t care about Gunn’s soul.  They didn’t care about dark magic prices.  So we basically discussed them fairly quick and discussed some other what we’ve been watchings.  Now we are ready to move on and finish up the season!

(And see what the bip is going on with this very Peter Pan-ish Pete Campbell.)

Sorry the audio sucks.  Better next week- Em got a new battery.  Suck it Mose!

*going to go churn some butter now to make amends*

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