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Sue Watches Angel #68 S4: Players and Inside Out

Charisma JasmineEm, Sue, and B discuss this week’s episodes of Angel, or should I say we mostly just discuss what an idiot Connor is. We also puzzle about the “baby” that came out and how it wasn’t quite the little winged demon child with name preferences we all so hoped. Some enjoyable episodes nonetheless.

We also have feedback and yes, Cat- your missing Cat’s Crypt is in here too. We pulled a fast one on you, recording 2 eps in one week and releasing the second one first.

Sue Watches Buffy #67 S7: 1st Date, Get it Done, Storyteller, and Lies My Parents Told Me

0116de88b83730e33711d554441026018e0648e37eThis week Em and Sue (and B!) have a lot of fun discussing this little set of late season 7 eps (shhhhhh– don’t remind B and Sue that we are almost done- they are in deep denial). These are fairly Andrew heavy, and as you can guess- that is great in all of our books, cause we sure like that little boy.

Feedback and Cat’s Crypt too.

Sue Watches Angel #66 S4: Calvary, Salvage, Release, and Orpheus

Battle_for_angel's_soulThis week, Em, Sue (and B) pretty much try to make head or tails out of what the bip is going on with Cordy and how they are going to get themselves out of this one. There is more talk about demon babies and pondering on how this one will look and we are all happy to see Faith!

Also: feedback readings and Cat’s Crypt (a special Cat’s Crypt, where Cat discusses her feelings on watching The Body).

Oh yeah…and Angelus.

Join us!

Sue Watches Buffy #65 S7: Showtime, Potential, and The Killer in Me


In these episodes, The First walks among the group, but it’s not who we think it is…or is it? You’d think The First is clever enough to pull off a much better southern drawl. (Maybe it’s better than it’s English accent…) anyway, Dawn almost gets her wildest dreams met…or does she? Didn’t seem like she wante"Showtime."-- (Left to right) Kennedy (Iyari Limon), Rona (Indigo), Chloe (Lalaine), and Vi (Felicia Day) are the "Potentials," the new slayer students on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Photo: Robert Voets/ UPN ©2002 UPN. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.d it much anyway…, Willow turns into Warren for reasons unclear and Spike’s chip goes wonky (that one is pretty straight forward- hallelujah). While all these things happened, Em and Sue try and slog through it and decided what happened.

Eh- let us just move on- these eps weren’t really that bad, but they weren’t great. Buffy and Spike are the cutest besties though…or are they more?

Join us for the discussion, your feedback, and another scattered Cat’s Crypt. We also can’t help but start next week’s Angel discussion just a little bit- cause as Sue put it- a lot happened.

Sue Watches Angel #64 S4: Awakening and Souless

Angelus'_Evil_LaughIn this very special Thanksgiving episode of Sue Watches Angel, Em and Sue discuss the significance of celebrating a holiday where we eat yams because we killed a bunch of Chumash Tribes…wait- no we do not do that, nor is this episode very special.  But we DO discuss Awakening and Souless and how Awakening is Em’s favorite episode of season 4, but some people think that it’s all just a sham (a yam sham). Em disagrees!

We also discuss Souless which is NOT about Grandpa Angelus slaying the beast at Fred and Wesley’s wedding/Gunn’s funeral, but one (or two) of those things might be a little bit right.  Join us!

Sue Watches Buffy #63 S7: eps Sleeper, Never Leave Me, and Bring on the Night

buffy91In this episode we find ourselves on the other end of a major game changer and Sue feels… somewhat disenchanted. Em likes it, but perhaps this contains not either of their favorite story lines. No matter- they will forge through! These next eps will be better right? As long as they don’t introduce any more new characters…cause seriously- this is the last season. Why would they do that?

*chirp chirp*

{Insert surprised/embarrassed emoji of your choice here}

All I can say is– when it’s all said and done, I think Sue will be satisfied.

Hmmm….what is my track record with how well I know my sister?…

Join us! We have a good time and hey- we got some Cat’s Crypt too.

Sue Watches Buffy #61 S7: Him and Conversations with Dead People

buffy-conversations-with-dead-peopleThis week we tackle 2 episodes from season 7 with the help of B (aka Bronwyn). It’s more like we read Cat’s Crypt, read your feedback, breeze by Him, and then delve into Conversations, discussing everything from it’s creep factor to it’s hilarity factor and just about everything in between. Enjoy!

Sue Watches Angel #60 S4: Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Supersymmatry, Spin the Bottle

stb-wesleyIn this episode, Em and Sue and guest Matt Asendorf discuss a little Angel. We decided that Slouching was a tad boring, Supersymmatry is underrated and Spin the bottle is a lot of fun! There- now you don’t even need to listen.
Except if you did that you would miss Sue squeeing over old times Wesley, Matt breaking into song (more than once), Em finding a couch for Angel in her house, and Sue and Matt taking Spike out to ice cream and a movie.
You wouldn’t want to miss that– so join us!

Sue Watches Buffy #59 Help and Selfless

010ff6e24deb991ccfa138bcefb631c0195dd1764aIn this podcast Episode Em and Sue discuss the Season 7 episodes Help and Selfless. We read some Cat’s Crypt and lots of feedback and Sue laments that there are only 17 episodes of Buffy she has never seen. The cat seems to be in the cradle instead of the crypt.

We also talked Walking Dead, but we talked too much about both shows, so I had to split it into it’s own podcast, coming out soon… like tomorrow.