Sue Watches Buffy #57; S7: Lessons, Beneath You, and Same Time, Same Place

692739_1303139801454_fullEm and Sue start the last season! Sue has watched the very last season opener she will ever watch (for the first time). *sniff*

What did she think about the opening of the season? What did she think about how the show put some stuff and people together again after having them fall apart last season? I don’t know…but you will after you’ve listened.

In this episode besides us talking about these three episodes, you get treated to some Cat’s Crypt and some feedback. As well as a little bit of Psycho talk at the end. Sorry– Psycho IV is just still so fresh and we are affiliated with Yes Mother in a certain way. Anyway– enjoy! See you next week as we open up Season 4 of Angel!

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