Sue Watches Angel #75, S5: Harm’s Way, Soul Purpose, and Damage

5.10Em and Sue are getting well on our way through Season 5! In these eps, we explore a day in the life of Harmony, feed on Angel’s self doubts and fears, and get a visit from an old dear friend who’s here to fetch a crazy, rogue potential slayer who wrongfully accusing *someone on the Angel team* and out for revenge (I’m still hesitant and shy to say the “s” word here). Mum’s the word.

Feedback, but no Cat’s Crypt.

Sue Watches Angel #73, S5: Conviction, Just Rewards, Unleashed, and Hellbound

angel5x1convictionWelcome to season 5 AKA the last season of TV in the Buffyverse. Yep I said it. In this episode, Em, Sue, and B are joined by Beth Smith. We spend some time talking about what it takes to weave a huge web of lies so one can surprise her newbies and all the gymnastics and stress that entails. WORTH IT!!! We also visit Cat’s Crypt and read feedback. Then we dive into the inner workings of Wolfram and Hart with the rest of the Angel gang. Join us as we embark into territory where Sue and B may one day be able to google Buffy. It’s coming. Fast.

Sue Watches Angel #72, End of Season 4: Sacrifice, Peace Out, and Home

4x20_topWelcome to the end of Season 4! In this set of episodes we find out how the gang defeats Jasmine and ends world peace (go team!) and we get a glimpse into what season 5 may entail. In the podcast you get Em and Sue’s true feelings for Jasmine (or the Jasmine story line). Join us! We talk a little David Bowie too, cause you know we would have to have a David Bowie Memorial Podcast right?





David Bowie performing at the Hammersmith Apollo

RIP, David Bowie.

Keep doing your thing.

Sue Watches Buffy #71 Part II: End of Days and Chosen and series ending

buffy-scythe-chosenWelcome to the Hellmouth!

In this episode Em, Sue and B discuss the last of Buffy. You heard them watch it, now comes the discussion of what their enhanced vampire eyeballs saw. We also do top and bottom 5’s of Buffy episodes and rank the seasons according to preference.
But before all that is a very last Cat’s Crypt. Except it’s not.

**FYI: I had to edit this one twice in full (second one on 2 hours of sleep), so if this version contains silence gaps and stuff that really should have been edited out, exercise a little mercy if you would.  Forgive me, I skimmed a bit.  -E **


Sue Watches Buffy #71, pt I: End of Days and Chosen feedback and stuff

Chosen1358It’s really happening- yes Sue and B, I’m sorry to say it is. You have now seen them all and in this podcast we share some of the feelings we feel about it.

We also have a little Cat’s Crypt, we read a little feedback, we take a little quiz, and we declare the winner of our death poll.

Next week we will go through the eps in a bit more detail (and talk some about Buffy as a series.)

Oh, and this one was jumbled up and patched together like crazy, so please be forgiving of some possible weirdness.

Bonus Episode: B, Kris, and Sue Watch the Buffy Finales!

A pic of three of us (Kris took the picture) even if we maybe didn’t feel exactly “picture ready”. Eh, what can you do? You get us casual in all our glory.

On December 29, 2015, Em and 3 newbies- Sue, Bronwyn, and Kris (Sue’s sis in law) got together in a hotel room in Utah and watched the last few episodes of Buffy together and ate some Buffy themed snacks.  Here is the audio of that experience.



Our snacks (top left corner to the right): Clem’s snack taste test (everyone agreed on the Bugles), Root Beer from the Sunnydale High drink machine, Buffalo Chicken Wings (in case you’re feeling peckish), cookie dough (Em’s surprise snack they’d get later ;)), Kris’s bad eggs (that were in fact: good eggs, but don’t tell Xander), how could we do this without Spike’s onion flower thingy?, and Band Candy!


A close up of Emily’s embarrassingly quickly thrown together Band Candies


And a close up of Sue’s amazing Sunnydale outfit!  A nod to Sunnydale’s strange weather (tee shirt and a winter scarf) and last but not least: giraffe pants.

Sue Watches Angel #69 S4: Shiny Happy People and The Magic Bullet

014c65f37f48e4a9fb09eb7164c4f0526d9fcdc9e7In this episode of Sue Watches Angel, we delve into some Jasmine basking as B tries very hard not to have a baby. Spoiler alert: she is still pregnant.

We discuss conspiracy theories and the evils of taking away our choices in life. We also discuss Angel’s shirt and all avow to watch JFK.

We also as always read your feedback and (almost always) discuss this week’s Cat’s Crypt.