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Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #6 S1E11&12 “Briar Rose and Omega”

012dd01909b08cab65f43fdd21b4efbfec65abb7e1This season is winding down, but wow- what a way to do it.  These eps have twists and turns, surprises, and fun guest stars.  Em and Sue were quite impressed, I must say.  Join us as we talk about the 2 almost final eps, but they really seem like the final eps.  Weird.

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #5 S1E9&10 “A Spy In the House of Love and Haunted”

01b8ad0142f9500ed9b9c2b9c1917fbbdf39488151This week Em and Sue learn who Miss Lonleyhearts is and we find it pretty sad and pathetic.  Topher imprints a friend, which we find a little sad but not so pathetic.  And we find out some surprising things about Dominic, surprising and a little confusing.  We also decide Haunted was a great concept, but poorly executed.  High society horse people don’t interest us.
All that and a bonus ghost story at the end!

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #4 S1E7&8 “Echoes and Needs”

needs-the-four-of-themThis week Em and Sue watch Dollhouse, and we get a little backstory on the dolls.  We discuss our latest theories on where we think the show is going, and what the new episodes might be about.  But most importantly WHO IS LONELY HEARTS?  And even more importantly– are those chaps for her?

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #3 S1E5&6 “True Believer and Man on the Street”

0133d9b09a1d2bea75ab0cbcd425332165f21ff597In this episode, Em and Sue discuss these two pivotal eps of Dollhouse. We also discuss the footwear fashion of cult dresses, and Sue schools everyone about the proper pronunciation of “Zion”. We also had some Mosey like audio problems, but nothing that will effect your listening too much except that we got started too late, therefore unable to discuss the last season of Orange is the New Black as planned. Maybe next week…

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #2 S1E3&4 “Stage Fright and Gray Hour”

019d626075772a84e81a149584ef5e3c4532af8624Em and Sue are watching their second batch Dollhouses and while pop divas aren’t our favorite thing, we manage to overall find the show intriguing. Sort of. We like art at least. And heists. And heists gone wrong. We also apparently like to discuss the slippery slope that is “consent”.
Whether you’ve seen Dollhouse before or not– join the fun and watch and listen along with us!

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Em and Sue Watches Dollhouse #1 S1 “Ghost and The Target

4656641_l1Listen and Em and Sue embark on a new journey– undertaking Eliza Dushku’s Dollhouse. We will attack the series 2 episodes at a time, starting this week with the pilot Ghost and The Target.

Watch along with us and than follow us as we muddle through the plot and what is going on, using just your feedback and our many deducting skills. Oh- and we think we will need our shushing caps.

Sue Watches Angel #79 “Power play and Not Fade Away”


I put it off as long as I could.  But it’s time. Here, Em and Sue and B finish the series.  It’s really ending of two series… except for comics.  There are a lot of comics and we are going to read them– so it’s not the end!  *sniff* Except it kind of is.

Thank you to all of you who have joined us!!  We had a ball.  Oh, and there is a lost recording of us watching these episodes.  If the device we recorded it on ever shows up, we will release it on this feed.  Love you all!

Sue Watches Angel #78, S5: Origin, Time Bomb, and The Girl in Question

wesley IllyriaRemember us? We are back to talk about the some of the last episodes of Angel. In these eps we get to know Illyria a little better, a fairly unwelcome member of the cast makes a remarkably delightful comeback, and we spend a little time in the stradas of Italy.

Sue Watches Angel #77, S5: A Hole in the World, Shells, and Underneath Part I

5.17I had to break up the discussion into 2 palatable chunks. This chunk includes Cat’s Crypt, Feedback and Sue and B’s first reactions to the events that played out in these unforgettable eps. Good news– both parts include B and Harold! You won’t want to miss them! Part II coming as soon as I can possibly get it done, which may mean next week.