Bonus Episode: B, Kris, and Sue Watch the Buffy Finales!

A pic of three of us (Kris took the picture) even if we maybe didn’t feel exactly “picture ready”. Eh, what can you do? You get us casual in all our glory.

On December 29, 2015, Em and 3 newbies- Sue, Bronwyn, and Kris (Sue’s sis in law) got together in a hotel room in Utah and watched the last few episodes of Buffy together and ate some Buffy themed snacks.  Here is the audio of that experience.



Our snacks (top left corner to the right): Clem’s snack taste test (everyone agreed on the Bugles), Root Beer from the Sunnydale High drink machine, Buffalo Chicken Wings (in case you’re feeling peckish), cookie dough (Em’s surprise snack they’d get later ;)), Kris’s bad eggs (that were in fact: good eggs, but don’t tell Xander), how could we do this without Spike’s onion flower thingy?, and Band Candy!


A close up of Emily’s embarrassingly quickly thrown together Band Candies


And a close up of Sue’s amazing Sunnydale outfit!  A nod to Sunnydale’s strange weather (tee shirt and a winter scarf) and last but not least: giraffe pants.

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