Mckinleycast: Episode 5 “Tests and Breasts”


When Mr. Kowchevski threatens to force Daniel to repeat algebra for another year if he doesn’t pass an upcoming test, Lindsay offers to help him study for it. Instead, Lindsay finds herself helping Daniel to cheat after Daniel manages to steal a test from the teacher’s office and he asks Lindsay to help him fill in the answers. Mr. Kowchevski, suspicious of Daniel’s surprisingly high grade, accuses the duo of cheating. When Lindsay becomes unsure of what to do, Daniel tells her they should deny everything. Sam begins sex education class and Daniel tries to help Sam with questions he has by giving him a pornographic film. After viewing it, he is even more confused.

Mckinleycast: Caroltary for episode 4, Tests and Breasts

Sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend (if you live in the USA) and rewatch the 4th episode of Freaks and Geeks: Tests and Breasts with newbie Carol and her son Alex who is also a newbie whom you may remember from such episodes as Beers and Weirs.

After doing that, watch for our review of the episode, released at an undisclosed day and time.

McKinleycast epsiode #04 “Kim Kelly is My Friend”

Wait… what did that say? After Tricks and Treats, Kim Kelly is the last person in the world I would want to call my friend.

Sure she is negative. Sure everything out of her mouth thus far has been rude. Sure she acts out in horrible ways when something or someone is the least bit threatening to her. Is there possibly a reason for that? Could we perhaps get a glimmer into this monster’s psyche and chip a piece of her facade away? Will it be enough? More importantly to this podcast- will it be enough for the newbies not to hate her with the intensity of a thousand suns?

Listen to the latest McKinleycast episode covering the most heavy subject matter to date on Freaks and Geeks (and two count them TWO epically awkward dinner scenes back to back). This episode seems to hit the apex of uncomfortable scenes in the show, some so uncomfortable NBC refused to air it. Luckily we like that about this show and they are also intermingled with scenes of a stoned Nick magically procuring Jean’s fruit rolls out of thin air to satisfy his munchies (but don’t worry, he always politely asks before eating them).

Join the McKinleycast crew (CCARE? RACE-C? CREAC?) and Guest Kelly Jo as we tackle the ups and downs that is Kim Kelly is My Friend. Oh yeah, and Sam is a pygmy geek. And Karen from The American Office is a bully and a slut. Good times had by all.

McKinleycast: Episode #3 “Tricks and Treats”


Hope you are all still in the Halloween spirit because Halloween has come to… well some nondescript area in the outskirts of Detroit and the holiday is just not what it used to be. While Jean and Sam desperately try to cling on to Halloweens past, Lindsay desperately tries to fit in with her new friends. Will everything magically work out where everyone wins in the end? Um, kind of…but this is Freaks and Geeks so not really. We do however get to see Joe Flaherty don a vampire costume again, so at least we win.

Halloween also came to McKinleycast. This episode is coming to you despite great odds (or poltergeist or demon or Mose), we had to fight them all over two separate attempts. So please excuse the chaos and malfunctions , blame it on Halloween, and sit back and enjoy the semi coherent ramblings of the McKinleycast crew PLUS special guest Nutty Nuchtchas!

McKinleyCast Episode #02 “Beers and Weirs”


Episode 2 is up! This week’s episode finds the Weir parents going out of town for the weekend (Ooooo… Paul Anka– can I come??) and leaving Lindsay in charge. That can only mean one thing… the freaks taking advantage of Lindsay’s desperation to look cool in front of her new friends and persuading her to host…yep…a kegger! The geeks out of concern for Lindsay, mingled with having just attended a well timed Sober Student Assembly, cook up a plan to switch the keg of beer with a non alcoholic keg. What happens next? Listen to our podcast to find out. (You should actually watch Freaks and Geeks to find out and THEN listen to us.)

What did the newbies think of the Sober Student Assembly?  Who do they think will end up with who?  Who is shipping Neal and Lindsay?  Find the answer to all those questions and more…also, this particular podcast has it’s own actual, real life crickets when awkward pauses arise- who else can say that?

McKinleycast episode #01 “The Pilot”


Hello all you freaks (and probably a few geeks)– The long awaited pilot episode is here! Join us for what we can only assume will be a longer then average episode as we get the newbie’s reaction to their first hint into the world of McKinley High School.

In this episode, we meet siblings Lindsey and Sam Weir, and get to know their group of friends (and bullies), see Sam and Lindsay struggle to figure out a way to go to the homecoming dance to avoid working at their dad’s store. Lindsay battles finding her place in life (now that all she knew was turned upside down when her grandma died) not to mention cutting class, meddling-hippie guidance counselors, and struggling to fit in with a new group of friends. Sam battles an actual bully (well…his friend’s do anyway).

Rich and Emily do their best to get the newbie’s first impression of each of the characters, and we do a play by play rundown of the pilot and discuss many things like dodge ball, bullying and how impressive it is when tough guys smash Twinkies.

You should totally check it out, we even time travel while podcasting. True story.

McKinleyCast: a Freaks and Geeks Introcast – Episode 0

Watch with us as Rich and Emily guide newbies: Caitrin, Carol and Ayse through the Freaks and Geeks series, episode by episode. We’ll go through each one, share our favorite moments, a few behind the scenes fun facts, and hopefully entertain those watching for the first time as well as seasoned rewatchers. We’ll also have guests when available and everyone can say what they want to say about your favorite episodes or thoughts on the series. (Send voice files and emails to, or join in the conversation over on our facebook page: Mckinleycast: A Freaks and Geeks Introcast.)

Episode 0 is finally here… where Rich gets the scoop on what the newbies know of the show before ever seeing it, Emily shares some history of it’s creation and how it came together and got on the air as well as Carol, Emily, Ayse and Caitlin trying to explain to Rich what exactly a “coming of age tale” is.