McKinleyCast Episode #12 “Chokin’ and Tokin’ “


McKinleyCast is back with a brand new episode and a new guest- Harold Joins us to discuss this surprisingly controversial episode of Freaks and Geeks.

I found myself very surprised to see how differently the members of this group saw the characters and situations. We hope you all find the discussion interesting, and see your viewpoint in one of ours.

Join us! We’d love it if you’d join us on facebook and lend your voice to the discussion- we want to hear what the listeners think! (Especially if what you think is that this life is just the dream of a dog.)

McKinleycast Episode #11 “The Garage Door”


In this episode, The Freaks battle love on all sides, while the Geeks learn a little more then they wanted to know about it (no- Daniel doesn’t supply them with another porno)- but they lose just as much innocence.

Meanwhile, we the hosts of McKinleycast are glad to be back!  We hope you join us as we navigate this episode, decide who won, grade it, and read your feedback.  Then, if you’re so inclined- join us after the music as we shot the breeze with each other.  Our discussion topics include: Sushi, fish pills, exercise, movies and TV (but not freaky storms- I ended up cutting that all out).

McKinleycast Epsiode #11: Looks and Books

imageIt’s time for another McKinleycast! (It’s been 4 months, so….yeah) This week we watched Looks and Books and many cringed as Sam bought that Parisian Nightsuit knowing what was coming that next morning and all rejoiced as Lindsay told off the freaks in a spectacular way and shed her army jacket for a very sensible outfit she maybe borrowed from Millie. No- it belonged to the old Lindsay we never met. Same thing. But anyways, hopefully the newbies were able to shelf their dislike of embarrassment humor long enough to enjoy this classic episode of Freaks and Geeks.

McKinleycast Episode #10 “The Diary”

09012010_fandg10_1We’re back again with another installment, discussing the awkwardness that is McKinley High School. In this episode Bill decides he wants to be given a chance to play baseball in gym class and through creative means actually succeeds. Lindsay and Kim’s budding friendship takes a hit when the Weirs invite Kim’s mom to dinner and they get some terrible parenting advice from a terrible parent. This leads to Jean cooking strange foods like cornish game hens for dinner instead of pot roast in an effort not to be a robot (which leads to Harold making his hen do the can-can instead of eat it. Not surprisingly, Jean decides to go back to pot roast, because Harold looooooooves pot roast.

Join Rich, Caitrin, Ayse, Carol and Emily (When she isn’t on mute trying to calm an ear infected child) and special guest Matt Triest as they discuss this maybe not the most beloved episode of Freaks and Geeks that is out there. But the worst episode of Freaks and Geeks is still a great show filled with classic great moments am I right?

McKinleycast Episode #09 “We’ve Got Spirit”

Remember us?…crickets…

Well, Whatever- we’re back with a new episode of McKinleycast. Listen as Carol, Ayse, Caitrin, Emily and Dean discuss the Freaks and Geek’s episode “We’ve Got Spirit”. Find out what the newbies thought about Sam becoming the mascot and how well everyone thought Jean did breaking up with Nick for Lindsay. Plus we get into the deep questions like: is Todd shy or just a jerk? And- is it really Creepy to show up at your girlfriend’s house in the middle of the night in a hoody, stare in her bedroom window and then stare at her face and go back home? (The answer Dean, is yes). Meanwhile, Carol does her best to keep the McKinleycast crew on topic.

Join us and guess what? The next episode WILL be out next week– what? You’ve just been promised by Emily hashtag: take that with a grain of salt.

McKinleycast Episode #08 “Girlfriends and Boyfriends”

08172010_fandg8_1In this iconic episode of Freaks and Geeks, we see Lindsay and Nick together at last. Then we see absolutely every person around her stick their nose in her love life, which is a lot for one teenage girl to take. Plus her new boyfriend spells wait “wate”. Is this a relationship killer? Tune in.

Meanwhile, the geeks get new lab partners and Sam is hoping to get paired up with the girl of his dreams. Well that didn’t quite happen, but at least Bill did… Well, all isn’t lost as his partner is good for some advice and Sam tries some of his tactics. But does all this only manage to land him in the dreaded “friends” category? Tune in for that too. Then tune into the end to experience one of the greatest (see: creepy) heartfelt tributes ever sung to a high school girlfriend and then let the creepy cuddling commence!

Listen to the hosts of McKinleycast pull apart this episode to see what’s really inside. You might even hear us all get very deep about such subjects as drugs and God (unless Rich edited that part out- I haven’t listened to the podcast yet). Did all the newbies even like it? I don’t know (yes I do). Tune in!

McKinleycast: episode #08 “Carded and Discarded”


We’re here again (so soon!), with another McKinleycast as promised. Join us while we chat about the episode that caused us to get up, put on our shirts and say, “Hot Dog! Let me at ’em” and yes, we actually said the words “hot dog”.)

In this episode the freaks get fake ID’s courtesy of Lindsey’s aunt and uncle to try to sneak into a bar to see a “great” local band (but the lead singer is a bit of a shocker to them). Meanwhile the geeks meet a new transfer student and then try everything in their power to keep her in their little group.

This episode is packed with laughs, Canadian ID’s, giant rockets, a rooster, and exciting guest stars. McKinleycast had a guest star of our own, DVM Podcast Empire’s Dave Maresca. We promise laughs and good times all around!

McKinleycast: Off Topic Conversation


Hey there, our beloved Freaks and Geeks:

Yes, we have been running into obstacles getting these shows out, but we are still here. Last Sunday for instance, we were going to record an episode but things went wrong and we ended up just chatting. Rich was recording, so we thought- hey why don’t we just release this? Emily edited it, so it didn’t take away from any if Rich’s precious editing time– so having this episode does not mean we spent time on it instead of spending time on Carded and Discarded. This is just something to listen to instead of listening to nothing.

It’s mostly a lot of random TV stuff, with quite a bit of random other stuff sprinkled in. Such as: Rich tries to unravel the mysteries of “who exactly of his friends is on Facebook at any given time?”, we all ponder, “is David Boreanaz a good actor?” And we all jump onto the question of utmost importance…”SHERLOCK OR ELEMENTARY??!!” (A no brainer if you ask me.  Look on our facebook page, we just may have a poll up about this all important question.)

Join us for all of that and more and decide for yourself which one of the McKinleycast hosts has the weirdest phobia. If this doesn’t appeal to you- we invite you to just skip it and wait for Carded and Discarded (coming soon).

* We really were just chatting with each other- so there are a few minor spoilers for a few shows, nothing catastrophic -except for Angel- but I come in and warn you when it’s about to happen*

Emily and the rest of the Freaky and Geeky McKinleycast hosts

McKinleycast Episode 6: “I’m With the Band”


McKinleycast is back after the holidays with a brand new episode discussing I’m With the Band!  Join us as we watch the freaks do as high school garage bands do by playing badly, fight over the name, fight over the practices, and play badly.  Then break up.  Meanwhile the geeks are faced with the charge of showering in gym class and it ends up more nightmarish than Sam could have imagined.  At least his giant blue dot impressed the cool kids.  But did it impress the newbies?  Speaking of which, we are joined this week by Introcast superstar Bob DeGrande, listen as he brings his newbie thoughts live and in person to our podcast.  What’s better than 3 newbies?  4!