McKinleyCast Episode #02 “Beers and Weirs”


Episode 2 is up! This week’s episode finds the Weir parents going out of town for the weekend (Ooooo… Paul Anka– can I come??) and leaving Lindsay in charge. That can only mean one thing… the freaks taking advantage of Lindsay’s desperation to look cool in front of her new friends and persuading her to host…yep…a kegger! The geeks out of concern for Lindsay, mingled with having just attended a well timed Sober Student Assembly, cook up a plan to switch the keg of beer with a non alcoholic keg. What happens next? Listen to our podcast to find out. (You should actually watch Freaks and Geeks to find out and THEN listen to us.)

What did the newbies think of the Sober Student Assembly?  Who do they think will end up with who?  Who is shipping Neal and Lindsay?  Find the answer to all those questions and more…also, this particular podcast has it’s own actual, real life crickets when awkward pauses arise- who else can say that?

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