McKinleycast episode #01 “The Pilot”


Hello all you freaks (and probably a few geeks)– The long awaited pilot episode is here! Join us for what we can only assume will be a longer then average episode as we get the newbie’s reaction to their first hint into the world of McKinley High School.

In this episode, we meet siblings Lindsey and Sam Weir, and get to know their group of friends (and bullies), see Sam and Lindsay struggle to figure out a way to go to the homecoming dance to avoid working at their dad’s store. Lindsay battles finding her place in life (now that all she knew was turned upside down when her grandma died) not to mention cutting class, meddling-hippie guidance counselors, and struggling to fit in with a new group of friends. Sam battles an actual bully (well…his friend’s do anyway).

Rich and Emily do their best to get the newbie’s first impression of each of the characters, and we do a play by play rundown of the pilot and discuss many things like dodge ball, bullying and how impressive it is when tough guys smash Twinkies.

You should totally check it out, we even time travel while podcasting. True story.

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