McKinleycast epsiode #04 “Kim Kelly is My Friend”

Wait… what did that say? After Tricks and Treats, Kim Kelly is the last person in the world I would want to call my friend.

Sure she is negative. Sure everything out of her mouth thus far has been rude. Sure she acts out in horrible ways when something or someone is the least bit threatening to her. Is there possibly a reason for that? Could we perhaps get a glimmer into this monster’s psyche and chip a piece of her facade away? Will it be enough? More importantly to this podcast- will it be enough for the newbies not to hate her with the intensity of a thousand suns?

Listen to the latest McKinleycast episode covering the most heavy subject matter to date on Freaks and Geeks (and two count them TWO epically awkward dinner scenes back to back). This episode seems to hit the apex of uncomfortable scenes in the show, some so uncomfortable NBC refused to air it. Luckily we like that about this show and they are also intermingled with scenes of a stoned Nick magically procuring Jean’s fruit rolls out of thin air to satisfy his munchies (but don’t worry, he always politely asks before eating them).

Join the McKinleycast crew (CCARE? RACE-C? CREAC?) and Guest Kelly Jo as we tackle the ups and downs that is Kim Kelly is My Friend. Oh yeah, and Sam is a pygmy geek. And Karen from The American Office is a bully and a slut. Good times had by all.

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