McKinleycast: Episode #3 “Tricks and Treats”


Hope you are all still in the Halloween spirit because Halloween has come to… well some nondescript area in the outskirts of Detroit and the holiday is just not what it used to be. While Jean and Sam desperately try to cling on to Halloweens past, Lindsay desperately tries to fit in with her new friends. Will everything magically work out where everyone wins in the end? Um, kind of…but this is Freaks and Geeks so not really. We do however get to see Joe Flaherty don a vampire costume again, so at least we win.

Halloween also came to McKinleycast. This episode is coming to you despite great odds (or poltergeist or demon or Mose), we had to fight them all over two separate attempts. So please excuse the chaos and malfunctions , blame it on Halloween, and sit back and enjoy the semi coherent ramblings of the McKinleycast crew PLUS special guest Nutty Nuchtchas!

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