McKinleycast Episode #10 “The Diary”

09012010_fandg10_1We’re back again with another installment, discussing the awkwardness that is McKinley High School. In this episode Bill decides he wants to be given a chance to play baseball in gym class and through creative means actually succeeds. Lindsay and Kim’s budding friendship takes a hit when the Weirs invite Kim’s mom to dinner and they get some terrible parenting advice from a terrible parent. This leads to Jean cooking strange foods like cornish game hens for dinner instead of pot roast in an effort not to be a robot (which leads to Harold making his hen do the can-can instead of eat it. Not surprisingly, Jean decides to go back to pot roast, because Harold looooooooves pot roast.

Join Rich, Caitrin, Ayse, Carol and Emily (When she isn’t on mute trying to calm an ear infected child) and special guest Matt Triest as they discuss this maybe not the most beloved episode of Freaks and Geeks that is out there. But the worst episode of Freaks and Geeks is still a great show filled with classic great moments am I right?

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