McKinleycast Episode #09 “We’ve Got Spirit”

Remember us?…crickets…

Well, Whatever- we’re back with a new episode of McKinleycast. Listen as Carol, Ayse, Caitrin, Emily and Dean discuss the Freaks and Geek’s episode “We’ve Got Spirit”. Find out what the newbies thought about Sam becoming the mascot and how well everyone thought Jean did breaking up with Nick for Lindsay. Plus we get into the deep questions like: is Todd shy or just a jerk? And- is it really Creepy to show up at your girlfriend’s house in the middle of the night in a hoody, stare in her bedroom window and then stare at her face and go back home? (The answer Dean, is yes). Meanwhile, Carol does her best to keep the McKinleycast crew on topic.

Join us and guess what? The next episode WILL be out next week– what? You’ve just been promised by Emily hashtag: take that with a grain of salt.

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