McKinleycast Episode #08 “Girlfriends and Boyfriends”

08172010_fandg8_1In this iconic episode of Freaks and Geeks, we see Lindsay and Nick together at last. Then we see absolutely every person around her stick their nose in her love life, which is a lot for one teenage girl to take. Plus her new boyfriend spells wait “wate”. Is this a relationship killer? Tune in.

Meanwhile, the geeks get new lab partners and Sam is hoping to get paired up with the girl of his dreams. Well that didn’t quite happen, but at least Bill did… Well, all isn’t lost as his partner is good for some advice and Sam tries some of his tactics. But does all this only manage to land him in the dreaded “friends” category? Tune in for that too. Then tune into the end to experience one of the greatest (see: creepy) heartfelt tributes ever sung to a high school girlfriend and then let the creepy cuddling commence!

Listen to the hosts of McKinleycast pull apart this episode to see what’s really inside. You might even hear us all get very deep about such subjects as drugs and God (unless Rich edited that part out- I haven’t listened to the podcast yet). Did all the newbies even like it? I don’t know (yes I do). Tune in!

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