McKinleycast: episode #08 “Carded and Discarded”


We’re here again (so soon!), with another McKinleycast as promised. Join us while we chat about the episode that caused us to get up, put on our shirts and say, “Hot Dog! Let me at ’em” and yes, we actually said the words “hot dog”.)

In this episode the freaks get fake ID’s courtesy of Lindsey’s aunt and uncle to try to sneak into a bar to see a “great” local band (but the lead singer is a bit of a shocker to them). Meanwhile the geeks meet a new transfer student and then try everything in their power to keep her in their little group.

This episode is packed with laughs, Canadian ID’s, giant rockets, a rooster, and exciting guest stars. McKinleycast had a guest star of our own, DVM Podcast Empire’s Dave Maresca. We promise laughs and good times all around!