Sue Watches Buffy #65 S7: Showtime, Potential, and The Killer in Me


In these episodes, The First walks among the group, but it’s not who we think it is…or is it? You’d think The First is clever enough to pull off a much better southern drawl. (Maybe it’s better than it’s English accent…) anyway, Dawn almost gets her wildest dreams met…or does she? Didn’t seem like she wante"Showtime."-- (Left to right) Kennedy (Iyari Limon), Rona (Indigo), Chloe (Lalaine), and Vi (Felicia Day) are the "Potentials," the new slayer students on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Photo: Robert Voets/ UPN ©2002 UPN. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.d it much anyway…, Willow turns into Warren for reasons unclear and Spike’s chip goes wonky (that one is pretty straight forward- hallelujah). While all these things happened, Em and Sue try and slog through it and decided what happened.

Eh- let us just move on- these eps weren’t really that bad, but they weren’t great. Buffy and Spike are the cutest besties though…or are they more?

Join us for the discussion, your feedback, and another scattered Cat’s Crypt. We also can’t help but start next week’s Angel discussion just a little bit- cause as Sue put it- a lot happened.

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