Sue Watches Buffy #63 S7: eps Sleeper, Never Leave Me, and Bring on the Night

buffy91In this episode we find ourselves on the other end of a major game changer and Sue feels… somewhat disenchanted. Em likes it, but perhaps this contains not either of their favorite story lines. No matter- they will forge through! These next eps will be better right? As long as they don’t introduce any more new characters…cause seriously- this is the last season. Why would they do that?

*chirp chirp*

{Insert surprised/embarrassed emoji of your choice here}

All I can say is– when it’s all said and done, I think Sue will be satisfied.

Hmmm….what is my track record with how well I know my sister?…

Join us! We have a good time and hey- we got some Cat’s Crypt too.

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