So You Think You Can Dance – Top 18

Last week saw Paris and Tony’s departure from the contest (I so called it!).

The big fluff bit of the week was “Big Secrets!”, so we found out about Randi talking to her dog on the phone, Ade’s full name is even harder to pronounce then Kupono’s, Caitlin can do a dinosaur impersonation, Brandon has never been to a gym, Asuka blows spit bubbles, Max likes to cook (OMG! Likes to dance AND COOKS!!! Marry me!!!), Jonathan sings — badly, Jeanine has a teddy bear and on her first day of school, Ashley threw up.

On to the dances!

Randi & Evan — Jive

The speed that they had on this was just amazing and the personality was perfect, but I found myself missing the bounce kicks that really make a jive jump.

Melissa & Ade — Jazz

Wow! I want to be friends with Sonya Tayeh so badly, her use of space and connection is wonderful and taste in music is amazing.

Caitlin & Jason — Hip Hop

The connection these two have are great, but the dancing didn’t live up to it. Mary called it when she said it was like watching Brittney Spears and Micheal Jackson – it was just a very safe style.

Janette & Brandon — Disco

This style of dance has gotten such a bad rap, but if we could see more of this couple dancing it, then disco would be making a huge come back!

Asuka & Vitolio — Waltz

I really had mixed feelings about this number. The steps were beautiful, but I didn’t sense a connection to either each other or the music, so there was nothing to draw my into the dance.

Kayla & Max — Pop Jazz

This was a great number for Max, but I felt like Kayla was just a prop. It really didn’t work for them as a duet.

Karla & Jonathan — Contemporary

Oh my… the emotion coming off these two were just mind blowing. The technique was astounding, but the emotions were so beautiful.

Jeanine & Philip — Tango

The tango is all about the man really dominating the woman – this was a dance born in the brothels after all. But in this case Philip looked like a young boy who asked a hot girl to dance, never expecting her to say yes.

Ashley & Kupono — Hip Hop

It was okay, the moves were sharp, but there was nothing to really make it pop.

Naomi’s Favorites:
Janette & Brandon
Karla & Jonathan

Naomi’s Bottom Three:
Caitlin & Jason
Ashley & Kupono
Jeanine & Philip

So You Think You Can Dance – airs Wednesday at 8:00pm and Thursday at 9:00pm on Fox.

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