Book Review: The Dresden Files #4 – Summer Knight


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The fantastic thing about the summertime is that there is ample opportunity to read. Whether you are sitting around by the pool on a sunny day or snuggled at home watching the rainstorms, it’s a great time to catch up on all those books you’ve been meaning to read but just didn’t get around to. For anyone who is actually looking for something to read, I’d like to recommend an amazing and interesting series called the Dresden Files.

The Dresden Files

Harry Dresden is a Private Investigator in Chicago who finds himself in a series of adventures. Yet Harry is not just a common PI who looks for lost items and catches adulterers, he’s the only guy in the phone book listed under the category “Wizard.” Yep Harry Dresden is a wizard, and the only guy around who can help you with that pesky werewolf problem. Got vampires? He’ll be there to immolate each and every one of them. Harry is the guy you want at your back when you are visited by those snobby Fairy Queens, and he’s the only guy around who is willing to face off creatures from the underworld and dark wizards if you only pay him enough. Assisted by a mishmash of characters who alternately help and hinder him, Mr. Dresden embarks on assignment after assignment all in an epic quest to right wrongs and save the underdog. Alongside Harry you will often find Murphy, a tough as nails cop who looks like your favorite aunt, Michael, a sword bearing savior who dabbles in carpentry, Bob, an air elemental with a devious side, and Mister, Harry’s 30 pound feline. Along with a growing cast of allies and enemies throughout the series, Harry Dresden strives to right wrongs, save damsels, and most of all, not get killed.

Summer Knight

Summer Knight is the fourth book in the Dresden Files series. In this story, Harry is recovering from his disastrous adventures with the Red Court vampires when even nature seems to be conspiring against him. Set in midsummer, Dresden is investigating a rain of toads (really) in the middle of Chicago and the trail just leads downhill from there for our poor hero. His meeting with an important prospective client winds up aligning him to the side of Air and Darkness, a place no one in their right mind wants to be. His girlfriend is still MIA and avoiding his calls, the White Council (the official governing body for all wizards) is working hard to convict him, and he just can’t seem to shake those devious fairies. Things are not going well for Harry and with this new engagement; they are bound to just get worse. Spend a little time with Harry in Summer Knight and you will get an adventure so intricate and enjoyable, you won’t want to put the book down, not even at sword point.

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