So You Think You Can Dance – Top 10

The halfway point marks a dramatic change in the competition – there was a girls group and guys group dance, new partnerships, and everyone dancing a solo. The voting also under went a change, with the judging panel bowing out leaving America to vote for individuals instead of partners.

Girls Group – Bollywood
I’m a huge fan of Bollywood movies and this dance was delivered so perfectly that for a moment I forgot I was watching a TV dance show.

Kayla & Evan – Viennese Waltz
As a tall girl I can understand the difficulties of dancing with shorter partners, but Kayla and Evan managed to work it out just beautifully.

Brandon – Solo
There was a frantic energy that I found strangely at odds with the song.

Janette & Ade – Hip Hop
Have I said how much I love NappyTabz? Well it bares repeating; they have such a fun, quick, witty style and I just love it!

Randi – Solo
Randi hasn’t had to dance a solo since Vegas and I forgotten how lovely she is.

Kupono – Solo
For someone who can show such amazing emotion and technique, Kupono’s solos are always disappointing: repetitive, lacking any floor craft, and shut off from the audience.

Jeanine & Jason – Contemporary
This was a jaw dropping piece of choreography and the dancers brought it to life in a truly amazing way.

Melissa – Solo
Melissa has such beautiful extension and such a sense of calm about her when she dances that is just breathtaking.

Evan – Solo
Since the start of this season there have been comparisons of Evan to Gene Kelly (which I totally see), but I felt there was a lot of Mickey Rooney that came through in this solo.

Kayla – Solo
There was an amazing use of levels and stage in the piece, but there was also a disappointing use of a competition smile that took away from the impact of the lyrics.

Randi & Kupono – Paso Doble
The intent was there, but the technique was not – Randi looked more worried then seductive and Kupono just wasn’t able to summon enough power. The Mary Murphy wig that Randi was wearing didn’t help either.

Ade – Solo
This seemed to more a string of tricks rather then a cohesive performance.

Jeanine – Solo
This was an outstanding display of physicality and personality. I think I may have a new favorite dancer.

Jason – Solo
This solo started off slow… and didn’t go anywhere.

Melissa & Brandon – Broadway
This is one that will be talked about for a long time to come. The technique matched with the emotion which matched with the connection between the dancers which matching with the music to create something amazing.

Janette – Solo
It is hard for ballroom dancers to really shine in a solo, but it is possible. Sadly, Janette didn’t.

Guys Group – African
I really don’t have the words to describe this number. It was suppose to be a group of guys bragging and it felt just like that.

Naomi’s Favorites:
Melissa & Brandon – Broadway
Kayla & Evan – Viennese Waltz
Jeanine – Solo

Naomi’s Bottom Three:
Kupono – Solo
Jason – Solo
Ade – Solo

“So You Think You Can Dance” air Wednesday at 8:00pm and Thursday at 9:00pm on Fox.

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