IdjitCast Season Two Episode Sixteen “Roadkill”

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This week, the boys are flagged down by just the person they were looking for, but things go downhill from there. In the end, they help a woman learn a whole lot she didn’t know about herself, and get to an ending George Lass would be proud of.

Annie from the North Texas Browncoats ( ) joins us again this week, and the following occurs:

We say John will join us in progress, then he immediately arrives, but just as quickly disappears until arriving again. (There’s a slight chance the out-of-sequence recording is not as seamless as I had intended.)

Paul inserts the words “as the Trickster” into an email where they were not originally. This changes meanings and confuses us all for a bit.

Paul confesses not having watched Battlestar Galactica and Darcy recalls loving Lorne Greene as Adama.

Paul confesses he’s all smarty-pants, at least insofar as guessing this episode’s twist.

Some creepy Pearl Jam song?

The Bone-Burnin’ Hokey Pokey?

Darcy flagellates Paul with a catnip mouse.

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