View from the Peaks: Episode Seven – “The Last Evening”

There are two things about this show that I really appreciate, the score that sounds like it was lifted directly from the movie “Labyrinth” and the fact that there are no time jumps. We are on the eighth episode and it’s only about six or seven days after Laura died.

The one thing that drives me nuts: the fact that the episodes are simply titled “one”, “two”, “three”, and the pilot didn’t count as “one”.

Anyway, we pick up right where the last episode left off. The teens search Dr. Jacoby’s office, Cooper finds the guy they have been looking for and gets him talking, and Audry gets her spot at One-Eyed Jacks.

On to the second half of the episode aka the part where everyone dies/get’s screwed over. Really, I have no clue who’s responsible for what but let’s do a body count.

  • Dr. Jacoby – beat over the head with a rock (but recovering)
  • Norma Jennings – OD’d on pills (slight chance she might pull through)
  • James Hurley – framed for drug dealing
  • Leo Johnson – shot by Hank (dead)
  • Jacques Renault – smothered by Leland Palmer (dead)
  • Shelly Johnson and Catherine Martell – trapped in the burning mill (unknown)
  • Pete Martell – ran into the burning mill (unknown)
  • Audrey Horne – about to be discovered by her father
  • Agent Cooper – shot (unknown, but I’m 99% sure that he’s wearing a vest)

So there’s the first season. Thankfully season two is full, 22 episode, run.

Quote of the Episode: “Wait, what? What?! WHAT IS HAPPENING???!!!” – me

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