Sue Watches Buffy (and Angel!) #37 Buffy S5 and Angel S2 Wrap Ups

tumblr_m0huw4B5F21rn7xj8o1_400In this episode Em and Sue and special guest “B” (our newbie watching sis in law Bronwyn) go over Buffy season 5 in depth, taking a look back at it as a whole.  We get some wish list items and predictions from both of them, now that they’ve seen Bargaining and After Life (you know- so the big question is now answered– now what? Or “where do we go from here?  You might ask…).  Then, I’m sorry to say- in the last few minutes we talk Angel.  “In depth” would be generous, but I’d say we at least go over the finer points.  What do you want from us?  It was getting late.

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