IdjitCast Season Two Episode Eighteen “Hollywood Babylon”

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This week, Dean goes Hollywood while Sam goes research. Yep, the side trip Dean had all planned out ends up with Sam’s nose in books and Dean’s nose in his favorite movie starlet. At least.

Heidi joins us in our full-length discussion, and you can listen along to hear points like:

Paul is far, far away or at least sounds that way, and Darcy has no sound at all due to a spring cold.

What do “Lord of the Rings,” “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” “Sunset Boulevard,” “Mallrats,” & “Much Ado About Nothing” have in common? Listen.

*Not actually McG

“Damn, I’m gonna get mistaken for that guy again…”

“That’s what I get for having a tennis ball head.”

Everyone has a favorite electrician.

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