IdjitCast Season Three Episode Seven “Fresh Blood”

A vampire recruiter is in town, but so too are Kubrick and Gordon. The Winchesters have to try to deal with the former while keeping the latter two off their backs. When the vampire recruiter meets Gordon, can the game-changing advantage tossed to Gordon be enough to settle Gordon’s score with Sam, permanently?

Listen as we discuss the episode, and the following things happen:

A welcome but all-too-short Harmony guest shot.

Unfortunately the CrackleGhost does not distribute Krackel bars.

Time out for JarmuschCast.

Time out for FacialHair.

Time out to praise Pavlich.

Go ahead, be a vampire, there are plenty who would volunteer.

Time out to pick on Hazel the Cat.

Using Ouija boards like Kleenex…

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