Yes Mother: Em and Sue Watch Psycho IV

jfletcherrare3In continuing our tradition of watching the Psycho sequels during the Bates Motel hiatus, we came across this little gem. This is the final and some might say most spectacular of the Psycho sequels. It also is perhaps the most relevant, since it is actually Psycho IV: The Beginning, meaning it tries to tell the backstory of Norma and Norman. Did they do a good job? No. Did they make an entertaining movie? YES!!  Did the word “relevant” stick in my throat just then?  You betcha.

We had a ball recording this podcast- this movie was such a What the Bipper- you just have to watch it. Or listen to this podcast- we paint a pretty good picture I think. It’s like you don’t even need to watch it now. Except you do– trust us. You do.  Just erase everything you saw and heard after watching and thank Carlton Cuse and Keri Ehrin for creating Bates Motel.

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