IdjitCast Season Seven Episode Ten “Death’s Door”

This week, can Bobby flee the Reaper? Bobby tries desperately to climb out of gunshot trauma long enough to get Sam and Dean some critical information.

We are back at full strength, though no Fox. Here is our discussion of “Death’s Door.”

I don’t think you’ll hear any open sobbing, but you may hear:

Top Paul up, please.

No Julian Richings, sadly

I need another special visual effect like that like I need a… well, you know.

I got your number on the wall

“Catch” a shotgun?

Sometimes casting is hard, y’all

Third time: 3.10 “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” 5.15 “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” and this one.

Can you picture wee you?

Skim that dick stuff.

Ghost Dad. Don’t worry we don’t say the “C” word.

Barney Miller airs early mornings on the Sundance Channel, and the episode Paul mentions is called “Quarantine,” a two-parter.

Will or Jack

Doug returns, in theme form.

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