IdjitCast Season Seven Cluster C

This week, Welcome to Cluster C: 7×11 Adventures in Babysitting, 7×12 Time After Time, and 7×13 The Slice Girls! Illness hit our group hard, resulting in the off week, but we come back mostly stronger in reviewing these three episodes. One of them got a very high rating, can you guess which one?

You’ll hear pertinent points regarding the episodes, and also:

Chilly chilly

We’ve reached IdjitCast #0

Different Frank

Shut up, the name will come to me…

Don’t touch that!


Marshamallow World interval

Highest-rated ever

And then…

Because ritual.

A little too Catholic

Harry… The Mayor from Buffy

Much bigger

…I guess.

Lowest of Season

Oops, feedback

Because money

Serfin’ USA

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