IdjitCast Season Seven Episode Seventeen “The Born-Again Identity”

This week, Sam is in an institution while Lucifer’s greatest hits plays nonstop in his brain. He still finds time to help someone free herself from her ghosts. Meanwhile Dean seeks out a healer after a gust of wind gives him a hint, and the healer seems kind of familiar…

We’re back this week (though all pretty tired) for in-depth discussion of “The Born-Again Identity.”

Listen along and hear talk of:


Screaming and barfing

Dirty institution

Not our kind of Maki

Non-memorable demon

Come and drip-dry over here, baby…

Also killed: Henry Weinhard, Jacob Schmidt, and some guy named Bud

Little Fox was a badass

Not the same thing when it’s spattered with blood

I hit you with my motorcycle, you ass

It’s when you kill ghosts in a salt circle. And the last one eats the cracker?

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