IdjitCast Season Seven Cluster E

There’s a ring demon haunting a brewery and a whole lot of ghosting including good ol’ Bobby. This week we discuss Season Seven Cluster E, Episodes 18 “Party On, Garth,” and 19 “Of Grave Importance.”

Returning guest Bianca joins us, and we may mention:

Long-distance jamming.

Evolving beats.

Grumpy guest star?

Paul is trying to recall “stolen valor.”

Red Dwarf tangent, happily.

Red Dwarf had a 10-year hiatus from 1999 to 2009.

The most recent episode aired in November 2017.

Morris Day or Cat?

Japanese demon? Okay, same one you’re used to.

Casting spoilers don’t always stick.

Oreos are good.

Darcy stopped watching Buffy in mid-S5, y’all.

Travellers has Enrico Colantoni…

Alienist started tonight…

Paul’s parents are camping about 10 miles from Family Business Brewery, more on that later.

No Hamm’s here.

Garth spoilers?

No actual history.

Not 1862, and let Yvette guide you through the details.

Too much curtain.

Ghost rules are hazy, like ghosts.

Annie has a magic c-harisma?

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