IdjitCast Season Seven Cluster D

This week, get back in touch with your old demons and collect some cursed objects at the secondhand store. We review 7×15 Repo Man and 7×16 Out With the Old.

It is time for Cluster D, and Yvette was unable to join us live. There will be feedback later in the show from her.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew may mention:

A bong sound, not the sound of a bong.

Missy the dog will be working the spreadsheets.

Beetlejuice gingerbread.

Cardboard towns.

One channel of sound.

Hallucifer the bad boyfriend?

Killing the dog is never a high point.

His head’s been through hell.

C’mon, everyone’s annoying.

Fire dogs. Again.


Captain caveman


Die on camera? But the example guy’s dead.

Would it kill you?

Fables where disembodied feet bar the way.

Yvette misses the Cassidy reference by not being here.

The fable of the old Playboy.

More dick makes John happy.

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