IdjitCast Season Seven Episode Fourteen “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie”

Remember that time the Showbiz Pizza band came to life and chased you down? Or when you were ruthlessly stalked by Charles Edmund Fromage, Esq.? No? Well here’s an approximation of what that might be like, without any pesky trademark infringements. Sam chased by clowns whilst Dean eats sub-par pizza and beats the bad guy.

Bianca rejoins us this week and we discuss the episode, and possibly also:

Counting down…

That herring was quite red, and here come 8 more.

What is the sound of a rainbow?

That old trope, fear of unicorns.

Whilst we hear the recap, the recap uses a word…

Ticket economy.

Slinky price-gouging.

Kitty Santa-cide

Kitty takes a spill

No need to edit that, it has a kitty.

Dry-land drowning in Red Sky at Morning 3×06.

Drying out in Angel: The Price

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars

Big guy in Constantine:

Red Sky triumph. See above.

Sliant Jinky.

Paul’s crooked smile, as mentioned to David Bushman once very early on.

Yvette Lives! Her internet, less so.

Move over bacon…

It’s not safe to run with the head on.

Pink Floyd’s The Wall at Box Theater Group May 15 2004 perhaps? (Could be wrong…)

“Off the deep end?”

Matte Glitter

Glitter and Flitter (Yup, sometimes on Noggin

Lyin’ Lion eyes

Find your local public library

Harry Dean Stanton

Tangentially, Bill Paxton

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