IdjitCast Season One Episode Seventeen “Hell House”

This week Dean and Sam are in Texas, investigating a haunted house on the outskirts of Richardson. They need to puzzle out the tale of a failing farmer who killed his whole family and himself. Perhaps they will be aided by a couple “Professional Ghost Hunters,” complete with a website and Hollywood ambitions? Perhaps they will be hindered as they attempt to one-up each other in a prank battle royale…

This week we are joined by Emily from the Yes, Mother & McKinleyCast Podcasts!

Listen in as…

We have tips for pranks on the sleeping or intoxicated.

Paul gets his lyric drop, Darcy revisits a classic.

Darcy sees… underwear?

We might reveal we could possibly be Buffy fans…

We apologize if you are a German automaton

Paul mentions the rotten onions in the sucking vent…

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