IdjitCast Season One Episode Nineteen “Provenance”

After a couple is mysteriously and viciously slashed to death inside their locked house, Sam & Dean seek out an enchanted object in their belongings. A painting of a family with a history of death by straight-razor becomes the center of focus. When the painting appears indestructible, and an auctioneer continues to offer it out for sale, what can the Winchesters do to stop the string of grisly murders?

This week we are joined once more by Simone (ask her about the flying car, coming soon…)

It’s a shopping show.

Yogurt. It’s code. Really gross code.

Get on the Dean Bus.

Mmmmmm PEZ.

“Creepy Doll” is by Jonathan Coulton, not me. He owns it and distributes with a Creative Commons license. If you like it, it is from “Thing a Week Four” which you can find at iTunes. But you really should check out all his stuff and buy it at

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