Sue Watches Buffy (and Angel) 12: Buffy S4 eps Fear, Itself – The Initiative Angel S1 eps IFTP – S&S

picture-12This week Sunnydale experiences another wacky Halloween (quite seasonal) and we say goodbye to Oz forever (or do we?) we also see The Initiative capture Spike, which leads to causing him some embarrassment in Willow’s bedroom. Meanwhile on Angel, Doctors can remove their body parts all in the name of being incredibly creepily vile and Cordy gets a new apartment and things get sensitive. Ug. Well, sensitive Angel is pretty funny…

Join Em and Sue as Sue has lots of laughs and also has a struggle getting through some of these clunkers. *cough…cough…Angel…cough*

No bloopers this time. We must be getting good? No- that can’t be it.

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