IdjitCast Season Eight Episode Fourteen “Trial and Error”

This week, Sam and Dean are on a ranch with a bunch of terrible people Crowley had a grand time with, oh about ten years or so ago.

We get together, sans guest, to discuss Season 8, Episode 14 “Trial and Error”

We also might discuss:

Some of the episode is less awkward. Probably.

Paul gets his face splattered with White Russian. Is that what they’re calling it these days?

Paul did some adulting. And doesn’t even need a cookie.

Darcy has moved on to new work.

Jensen puts whatever in his mouth, it’s just a fact.

Firestarter, both Drew Barrymore and Prodigy.

Jean jackets

You can stop now, unless you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

Quite a burger.

Shopping for Drake’s Cakes

Drake’s adjacent FTW

Urban Walmart?

Minnesota is Target Country.

Drake-adjacent is mainly Canada


Crowley kissed them all

The fatty bit. (1991!)

Lonely or cheeky?

RTFM, Dean…

It’s uSAMimous!

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