IdjitCast Season Eight, Cluster E

Sam and Dean become familiar with familiars, and then go on to face some gods.

Matt A rejoins our podcast (sadly without Bianca this time) to discuss 8×15 “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits” and 8×16 “Remember the Titans”

Other things we get into:

Catching Matt up to the crazy Winchester lifestyle.

The immaculate housekeeping of both the Maki household and the Men of Letters.

Doberman, cute or creepy?,_P.I. (With Sera Gamble Exec. Producer)

Yes on Netflix.

Banging a dog-shaped ghost?

Paul comes up with a bad term. (This one in Coon Rapids, MN but they are everywhere)

Han Solo was in “Wendigo”

Not much on the quotes front.

Filling Matt in on more of what he’s missed. To his disbelief.

With mystical onions?

Matt has been on multiple gods episodes.

Matt has an a-maize-ing sense of humor. Delores?

They are godkillers on this show. Modern Hellenic Temple Transformed into a stag. Not that hallway fight Props that people pick up and use

Annie-one got quotes.

Paul perpetuates his bad boy persona, pun-ishingly

Eyeball acting

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