IdjitCast Season Eight, Cluster D

In a much-delayed episode (an entirely new backbone into a workplace means getting trained to use it) Jason comes back in for a cluster which this time has two solid episodes.

This week, we discuss Cluster D, which is episodes 8×12 “As Time Goes By” and 8×13 “Everybody Hates Hitler.” We’ll talk through all our thoughts about the episode.

We also may talk about:

Ultron Jason

White very Russian

“I tried to watch Buffy…” and he was judged.

Too much time with crappy Grandpa

Shocking who loves archives.

What a wallpaper

Met a Mason

Paul’s never seen what!?

Show us on the Netflix queue what the bad man showed you…

Star Trek IV reference.

Adrian who?

Crossing the curse line.

Tipsy? We have a theme perhaps?

AKA a raspberry.

Oh, THAT comedian.


Burger cutting? Dean?

Again, WHAT hasn’t been seen?

MCU tangent then back into the Thule.

No links, but the connection with Paperclip searching out the Thule is about as true as the X-Files “Paper Clip” connection. All conspiracy theory.

Tidy holocaust connection?

Nazis not so distant these days.

Old Barney Miller rabbi.

70’s woke.

Revenge of the Nerds, problematic to say the least.

Nazi spice?

Sassy golem.


Wishful thinking?

Potsmoking bible atrocity

No last names, not sure if it was him anyway.

People are all into Michael B Jordan.

Sam’s tweeds

Not quite there on Library of Congress numbers.

Mild bestiality humor.

Shriners with fez.

X-Files and Simpsons helped our understanding.

Warming your hands over the flaming corpse of a Nazi.

Nobody needs Sizzlean, has none of that magic fat.

“Cured meat product”

D&D reference… awkward silence. (Likely truncated)

Bat Cave FTW

Yeah, it was too hard to trim out.

Some of us are lucky enough not to be Nazi targets, but it sure was fun watching them get beat up and killed. After all, “Everybody Hates Hitler,” right?

Paul has a thought on the Bat Cave and tablets.

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