IdjitCast Season Eight, Cluster B

This week, we get an episode about a band of ravaging vampirates, followed by one about an unlucky penny.

We discuss Season 8, Cluster B, episode 8×05 “Blood Brother,” and 8×06 “Southern Comfort.”

If you listen closely, you might also hear talk of:

Spoiler for Bianca’s rating?

Read Benny’s lips.

Hair and eyebrows, which are technically also hair.

Pirate set-dressing.

The old man’s trademark.

They could have shot the pirate raid in a bathtub!

The question of killing something in Purgatory comes up in-show.

Still getting mileage out of the Fabio roller coaster birdstrike.

Lime rinds are okay, onion skins are out.

Monuments and hillbilly handkerchiefs.

Not Jane Lynch.

Nice jacket.

Some Gilmore Girls would be fun…

Early quote.

Therapy, committed?

Bad Dad?

Kind of like a serial killer. Nope, not joking.

We can do whatever we want…

Paul was not really a supermodel.

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