IdjitCast Season Eight, Episode Seven “A Little Slice of Kevin”

In which Kevin and his Mom learn the hard way not to trust a woman you’ve hired off Craigslist. No, not for that.

This week we discuss Season 8, Episode 7 “A Little Slice of Kevin.” We’ll hit all pertinent details of the episode.

We may also get to discussing:

Demon kid, no Oz.

Why are no archangels protecting Kevin? Or was that supposed to be Samandriel?

Chicago Dog me!

Drugs make you see things that aren’t there.

Flippant discussion of child brain damage.

Etymology of Mendota.

Purgatory flashback with deadpan yay.

We need a demon tablet trivet.

Should have gone the Investigating Mars route.

Dirty old days of Craigslist apparently in the past.

FYI, strippers pull in more than plumbers. No pun intended.

What kind of other tablets? Ones to help a sore tongue?

No hairshirt in Darcy’s closet.

Damn disc had a scrat- no wait…

Instagram Witch?

TriForce scheme.

Time for Deanie Bye-Bye?


Chunky good.

Potential what now?

Rating tweak to a more appropriate average.

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