IdjitCast Season Eight Episode Four “Bitten”

Oh, yeah, one of those pervy guys was secretly taping from several angles in the bathroom. And they were werewolves.

This week, enjoy our full-episode discussion of Season Eight, Episode Four “Bitten”

We’ll be sure to try and figure out how she got all the footage, and we also might talk about:

You deserve a break today.

Were those the cameras used? visit Can You See Me CCTV & Security homepage to learn more about security cameras

iPhone found footage movies? A few, apparently:

As mentioned at the top, bathroom multi-angles.

Adventures in student films of the 90’s.

“We’re not going to nitpick.” Too late.

Was that a real meet cute or a playacted one? What is the timeframe of the initial footage?

My Michael the Car?

Anyone else remember “Threesome?”

Early celebrity crush.

The mic caught it.

“Hide the bong scene,” if you know what I mean…

Going toward the naked side?

Old man with a camera.

Pro Tip: Don’t retain your criminal confessions.

“It’s all in the cloud these days, baby.”

So many security cams, so many hidden cams.

“Asking for the Bite.”

Mr. Crabtree stole Grumpy Cat. (You should have watched the Newbentary.)

Paul brings it back to Buffy again.

Can I jam a ring in his wound?

If a silver bullet passes all the way through does it still work?

…because why wouldn’t ya?

Will she be back? Don’t forget Amy Pond or Lenore.

Bill’s Socks

Sucks to your ass-mar.

Bad memories of SoCo.

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